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"An excellent performance from Daniel Holme illuminates this bizarre retelling of Grimm's fairytale...Holme sells it with his wide-eyed wonder at banalities and blithe acceptance of danger"

The Scotsman

"Holme is excellent...he has excellent stage presence and manages to confidently maintain a grip on the audience..."

A Younger Theatre 

"spellbinding...Daniel Holme gives a beautifully nuanced but asserive performance"

The List 

"Nicholas is portrayed with sensitivity and commitment by Daniel Holme. Holme is able to subtly command the stage...riveting performance"

Buxton Fringe Review 

"Beecher's prose and Holme's performance make for a potent, teeth-on-edge pairing in a shivery hour of theatre."


"Holme gives us a knowing-glance/rasied-eyebrow/amuse-bouche kind of peroformance which has an endearing charm... This crew have one purpose and one purpose only: to entertain. And they do that in spades."


Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 18.18.23.png

"Daniel displays perfect comic timingtender vulnerability and all the charm of the kid next door"

So So Gay Magazine

"An incredibly talented ensemble, each of whom gives a richly layered performance."

Round The World Stage

"Talent to be reckoned with...his portrayal of tragedy so effortlessly turning into beautiful self discovery is so charming and moving that it almost makes you feel sorry for laughing at him for two acts"

OnStage New York 

"The superb performance of Daniel Holme takes you along with (him) in this frightening and amusing roller coaster of a tale." 

Edinburgh Evening News

"Thought provoking and disturbing...

a testament to Daniel Holme as the airman." 

Buxton Review

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